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Posted by artemdolgopolov on 2011.01.26 at 18:33
Abstract Composition

We begin to publish our tutorials in English on the official Freezelight.ru Facebook page. Here are the links for the first materials. Hope you’ll find something new, interesting and useful in our lessons.

1. So, to start mastering this art form you'll need a photo camera and a light source. Any flashlight whatsoever will suffice as a light source for your first experiments as you gain an understanding of the processes involved. What is somewhat more demanding is the camera. An ideal solution would be an SLR. These cameras have the most flexible controls, giving you the most in freezelight possibilities. Continued here!

2. “You don't see what you're drawing, how do you know where to draw a line?” People often ask us this question while looking at some of our work. Certainly, experience plays here the most important role. Regularly drawing freezelight, you'll get a better feeling for the space you are working in, getting better and better every day. Nonetheless, there are a few tricks to help you gain confidence a lot faster. Continued here!

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